Vincent P. Su

PhD Candidate in Physics at UC Berkeley



South Hall Rd

Berkeley, CA

I’m a theoretical physicist studying quantum information and quantum gravity in Professor Raphael Bousso’s group. Most recently, I’ve been fascinated by thinking about how to use quantum computing to study aspects of black holes. I am also excited by taking ideas from quantum gravity and seeing what they can teach us about quantum information more generally. I’m grateful to have received support from the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program and the DOE Office of Science Graduate Student Research Fellowship.

Previously, I was at Stanford where I studied theoretical physics and computer science. While I was there, I did research at the intersection of machine learning and cosmology under Professor Risa Wechsler, interned at Google, co-taught “Python for Scientists”, and led the tutoring team at the Center for Teaching and Learning.

In my free time, I enjoy taking photographs, playing frisbee, and tweaking my text editor config.


Oct 4, 2023 Received DOE Office of Science Graduate Student Research Fellowship
Sep 18, 2023 Presented on machine learning for novel quantum error correction design at the Yukawa Institute
Jul 8, 2022 Gave a presentation on wormhole inspired teleportation at GGI

selected publications

  1. Discovery of Optimal Quantum Error Correcting Codes via Reinforcement Learning
    Su, Vincent Paul, Cao, ChunJun, Hu, Hong-Ye, Yanay, Yariv, Tahan, Charles, and Swingle, Brian
    May 2023
  2. Towards Quantum Gravity in the Lab on Quantum Processors
    Shapoval, Illya, Su, Vincent Paul, Jong, Wibe, Urbanek, Miro, and Swingle, Brian
    Quantum 2023
  3. Variational preparation of the thermofield double state of the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model
    Su, Vincent Paul
    Phys. Rev. A 2021
  4. The Quantum Entropy Cone of Hypergraphs
    Bao, Ning, Cheng, Newton, Hernández-Cuenca, Sergio, and Su, Vincent P.
    SciPost Phys. 2020