I have a wide range of experience teaching, from leading labs and discussions to 1-on-1 tutoring. I’m a passionate believer that learning itself is a skill anyone can pick up.


  • Quantum Mechanics, Graduate Student Instructor
    • Physics 137A, Berkeley, Spring 2023
  • Introductory Electromagnetism, Head Graduate Student Instructor
    • Physics 8B, Berkeley, Fall 2022
  • First-Time GSI Conference, Physical Sciences Leader
    • Center for Teaching and Learning, Berkeley, Fall 2020, 2021, 2022 Spring 2021
  • Quantum Mechanics, Head Graduate Student Instructor
    • Physics 137A, Berkeley, Fall 2020
  • Teaching Consultant
    • GSI Teaching and Resource Center, Summer 2021
  • Introductory Electromagnetism, Graduate Student Instructor
    • Physics 8B, Berkeley, Fall 2019
  • Light and Heat, Teaching Assistant
    • Physics 45, Stanford, Fall 2016
  • Math and Physics Lead Tutor
    • Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning, Stanford, 2015-2017
  • Practical Computing for Scientists, Co-Instructor
    • Physics 91SI, Stanford, Spring 2014


  • Graduate Remote Instruction Leadership Fellow, Fall 2020
  • Graduate Remote Instruction Innovation Fellow, Summer 2020
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor, 2019-2020

Student Feedback

  • “Clear and easy to understand lectures. Patient and encouraging.”
  • “Very approachable, friendly and supportive. Vincent was always prepared and had a structured discussion and lab period. He always described the topics in a variety of ways so as to help all the students with various levels of understanding comprehend the topic.”
  • “One of the most approachable GSI’s I have ever had!”
  • “Vincent knows what he’s talking about which is very important but also he’s personable which has made learning a lot more fun and accessible. It’s been a damn pleasure being his student. Especially because he really tries to make sure we understand things.”
  • “He answered questions responsibly but allowed some space for us to figure out ourselves.”
  • “He was a great GSI who was always willing to help. He could tell when I was struggling with a concept and would ask if I needed help or had a question. Was really good at explaining concepts in an easy way. One of my favorite GSIs.”
  • “Always helpful. Thorough teaching. Organized. Open to questions always.”
  • “Vincent is super responsive and helpful over email and is approachable and friendly in person. He encourages us to truly enjoy the concepts we are learning and exemplifies this enthusiasm through his teaching.”