Reminders to Myself

1 minute read


Things to help myself when I’m feeling down, tilted or otherwise unproductive.


  • Don’t confuse invisible progress with no progress.
  • You are fortunate.
  • Drink more water.
  • Don’t let your ego stop you from learning. Be humble. Ask lots of questions.
  • Being sore means your muscles will grow stronger. Embrace feeling stuck and confused, but the key is to persist.
  • No one knows what they’re doing.
  • Pain is temporary. Happiness is temporary. Bask in both.

When you’re feeling unmotivated

  • Exercising is a good way to clear the mind
  • Find one thing that you’ll be happy to do get done for the day and forget the rest of your to-do list - Revisit your weekly, monthly, yearly goals
  • Read a book

When you’re feeling angry

  • Don’t get upset at dogs for barking (e.g. frog and the scorpion)
  • Few people are going out of their way to upset you
  • Most people act in a way that makes sense in their head
  • Find a good friend to vent

When you’re feeling listless

  • You can afford to do nothing for 10 minutes
  • Things you can do
    • Reading
    • Walking
    • Meditating
    • Sweep the floor (guilty pleasure)
    • Go on airplane mode
    • Do something else that’s fun
  • Things not to do
    • Go on YouTube
    • Check your email
    • Open the fridge