Nice Gestures

1 minute read


Call me old fashioned, but here is a list of antiquated things I still appreciate in today’s modern world.

Handwritten anything

Doesn’t matter what it is. It could be a letter, a post card, a thank you note. Even if what you write is crap, what it demonstrates is that you went out of your way to show you give a damn.

Treating someone to a meal

It’s easier than ever to split the bill thanks to various apps. And while it’s equitable and fair, it’s fun to treat and be treated. In my opinion, taking turns this way is much better for building lasting relationships. It also serves as a great excuse to see an old friend (“I still owe you one!”). Bonus points if you can cook a good meal

##Phone calls Texting is convenient. It conveys all the same information you’d want in a call. Except when it doesn’t. Video chatting is cool too, but there’s something nostalgic about just going off of someone’s voice, and not having to worry about how atrocious your poster is while you’re chatting.